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Oct 21, 2022Liked by Peter Martinez Zellner

Beautiful designs and a clear-eyed attention to LA's unfolding, worsening tragedy where over 2 million people according to LAT go sleep at night fearing eviction.

Gen Z will have to create untraditional partnerships to own in LA, and rehabbing existing housing to accommodate untraditional buyers seems like an obvious solution. I think about banks though and REITS and how much legislation will be necessary to make that viable for working people. Homeowners everywhere in LA, even former bohemians, categorically despise change. It's flabbergasting. The car thing is a problem. Hence, everyone's fear of density and their unwillingness to allow for density. Or their anguish at losing views. I've heard it all.

Our building woes can only truly be solved by real investment in social housing. Developers -- the largest to the smallest -- will never solve the problem alone. Maybe LA will be a progressive lab for these ideas once City Council is rejiggered—that's if the richest amongst us and the police union don't find a way to thwart change.

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